We’re changing the way you think about affordable housing.

Building A Better Affordable Housing Model

At our core, we believe providing quality homes located in areas of opportunity with access to superior amenities, schools, and employment centers, is the bedrock for family stability and quality of life.

Who We Are

Evergreen Homes is a vertically integrated real estate investment company focused on acquiring, modernizing, and operating affordable single family rental homes. Evergreen Homes believes that quality housing and a holistic approach to providing integrated services to our residents is a superior rental model. Our approach is critical to improving quality of life and well-being while enabling families to break out of the cycle of poverty that has afflicted many residents of traditional, high-density rental housing.

What We Do


We identify single-family homes in promising neighborhoods around Baltimore County, MD.

Renovate Properties

We design and modernize homes to meet the contemporary needs of families.


We supply services to our tenants that positively impact their social determinants.

Our Team

Michael Hass


Spencer Brown

Vice President of Operations

Greg Mugavero

Project Manager

Brian Smith

Full Charge Accountant

Gil Herrera

Maintenance Technician Manager

Larry Brown


Andrew Manley


Richard Thompson


Kristen Rockenbach

Director of Operations (EG Finance)

Our History

Evergreen Homes was formed in 2019 with the objective of focusing on single family rental homes as a means to provide high quality affordable rental housing in suburban neighborhoods with access to employment centers, quality schools, and other amenities that are often lacking in traditional high-density multifamily rental complexes.

Today, Evergreen Homes supports hundreds of residents in suburban Baltimore County and City neighborhoods.

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